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NoMow "Flowering Lawn"

Does the cost of or time needed for lawn maintenance get you down?

Here's the solution! NoMow! A flowering lawn that needs NoMowing and little if any water! NoMow features a mixture of miniature flowering plants together with a low growing hardy grass. Plant NoMow as a substitute for your water-loving lawn. Plant NoMow as a border to your existing lawn. A breath of color, together with the soft green texture of fine grass, all of which grows no higher than your ankle! What a refreshing change to the formally labor-intensive, water-loving lawn.

1 lb. NoMow 1000 sq. ft. coverage $17.75

5 lbs. NoMow 5000 sq. ft. coverage $70.75 Save 20%!

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What's In NoMow

NoMow contains miniature English Lawn Daisy, Carpet Alyssum, Baby Blue Eyes, Red Yarrow, Dwarf flowering clover, Dwarf fine leafed grass, and other herbaceous plants.

It equals a New England meadow, laced with splashes of color here and there. A great spot for a picnic, a photo, or just a place to relax with a good book!