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Customized Flower Seed Packets

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Regional Wildflower Seed Mixes

You Get 100% Pure Wildflower Seed in our Regional Wildflower Seed Mixes

For Just Pennies Per Square Foot! If you've ever been driving out in the country and happened upon a field of wildflowers, you'll appreciate the spectacular show that our Regional Wildflower Mixes will add to your yard. For just pennies per square foot, you can duplicate that same beauty in your flower beds, borders, patio, or fill an entire meadow. You be thrilled with how easy our wildflowers are to plant and grow.

Just click on the mix below for information on ordering the mix that best suits your climate.

Blue and Gold

Northeastern Wildflowers

Southwestern Wildflowers

Northwestern Wildflowers

Country Carpet Mix

Southeastern Wildflowers

Checkerboard South Wildflowers


Checkerboard North Wildflowers